Simon Newman of NA Commercial, Doncaster

Filepro had a dramatic and immediate impact on our practice. We are a new firm dealing mostly in commercial property, business sales and general commercial client work.

The system has significantly expanded our work capacity at the same time as allowing us the ability to tightly monitor and control our workflow.

The most impressive feature is the ability to produce high quality documents in seconds which would otherwise take minutes or even hours to produce. A few clicks of a mouse produce standard draft letters which can either be altered to suit or simply printed off as they are and sent out.

Our firm has used Filepro’s various functions to make it produce complex legal documents such as commercial leases, sale of business contracts and freehold property contracts. We have set up a field database and input salient information in it when we take instructions. Then we can generate draft documents specific to our client’s case.

The system stores copies of every document against each client’s file. These are saved in date order and file notes, telephone notes and letters and documents received (if you scan them in) are also included. Any of these can be accessed and printed off just by clicking on them.

In addition to these features, the accounts facility is excellent and very user friendly. The contacts data base allows us to keep the details of every client, solicitor and every other person our firm has contact with in one place. Everything can be easily accessed from our desk tops and just by clicking the mouse we can send them a letter or email without having to set it up from scratch.

The system also has facilities to produce a wide range of reports on workflow and the finances to help with practice management and business planning.

All together, our firm has had huge benefits from using this system. The system has probably increased our working capacity by about 60% without any new staff. It has provided us with powerful benefits at a crucial time in our firm’s development. I would not hesitate to recommend the system to other solicitors.