Cloud Legal Software

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Cloud Legal Software


FilePro can be installed as a cloud solution allowing users to access the system anytime, anywhere so long as you have an internet connection.


FilePro is installed on a server at a secure hosting centre along with Microsoft Office and any other software that your business requires. Users then connect securely to the server with their login details allowing them to access FilePro and other applications.


Utilise the power of the server at the hosting centre to run your business. No need to buy expensive equipment for individual users.

Pay a monthly fee per user, easily add or remove users as required.

Cloud legal software easily allows employees to remote-work from home or elsewhere.

Automatic backups taken daily and kept for 14 days, also backed up to another hosting centre for extra peace of mind.

Data Security – the hosting centre is accredited to ISO 270001 standards.

Microsoft Office and hardware upgraded regularly at no extra cost, keeping your technology up to date.


Connect to the cloud on PC / MAC, tablet / iPad or even smartphone when connected to the internet. Work from the office, at home or even out and about in a free WiFi zone.